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Welcome to The Dazcat Community


At Dazcat we strive to provide the best product and service possible and part of this is the Dazcat Community.

The community is a diverse bunch of customers, sailors, boat builders and families, all with one thing in common, sailing multihulls and Dazcat "even if you don’t currently own one".


A panoramic view of a number of dazcats moored on a pontoon and a launch party going on, on shore






Situated in Millbrook, a sheltered tidal estuary close to Plymouth Sound, the Multihull Centre is the ideal base for cruising the UK’s beautiful South West coastlines, with easy access to the whole of the length and breadth of Devon and Cornwall. The sub-tropical Isles of Scilly, the South West Approaches and the Atlantic Ocean are also close by if you are feeling more adventurous.

Dazcats are made for cruising so we would love to arrange an annual cruising event perhaps a round trip from Plymouth to Isles of Scilly and back, with some stop overs along the way to take in the beautiful coastline and some wonderful pubs?


A picture of Suenos a dazcat 1195 coming into the Multihull Centre marina
A picture of Paradox a dazcat trimaran on it's return winning the Rolex 2013 Fastnet in Plymouth






A photo of the launch party of Suenos a Dazcat 1195
A picture of Nick in a tux onboard Rock Steady a Dazcat 1195 at the start of the 2014 Round Britain and Ireland yacht race
A photo of the Americas Cup World Series in Plymouth sound



As a leading design company we have helped set up a number of educational projects with local schools and collages and invited design students from all over Europe to join us to gain work experience. One of the biggest projects to-date was a class of young students learning about hydrodynamics and hull design based on the VSV MarySlim. They were able to join the Multimarine's construction team and gain some hands on experience by helping at the yard and working on a project to build a hull model to be tank tested. Pics: Launch and media event for MarySlim @ the Royal William Yard with the students attending


Photos of the Launch Party, Guests and Students of the Very Slender Vessel (VSV) MarySlim in Plymouth
Photos of the Launch Party, Guests and Students of the Very Slender Vessel (VSV) MarySlim in Plymouth
Photos of the Launch Party, Guests and Students of the Very Slender Vessel (VSV) MarySlim in Plymouth

Dazcat, history in the making.


Founded by Darren Newton (Daz) in 1988, Dazcat began life in Totnes, Devon. Daz had come to sailing via surfing, canoeing and dinghy sailing; at the age of 15 he started sailing a Hobie 16 and that was it. Even feeling that thrill for the first time he knew he was totally hooked!


Knowing his life was going to be spent in and on boats he studied boat building and design in Falmouth, and after college worked and sailed on a variety of racing trimarans and cruising cats. Inspired to build a boat for himself, wanting something fast and very sexy looking, he decided to design and build an F28 catamaran.


Once finished she won a series of races, including the Round the Isle of Wight Race which she won outright in 1989, setting a record that remained unbroken for the next four years! Impressed with this success, Bob Beggs from Performance Yachting approached Daz and his team to build a Dazcat 8m to enter in the 1994 Two-Handed Transatlantic Race. Sponsored by Clarks Shoes to promote a new range of deck shoes, Bob and Daz raced Clarks Active Air to win their class, experiencing a variety of extreme conditions including a Force 9 on the Grand Banks.


The experience of sailing in these sorts of conditions, and of pushing a boat to its limits – and finding out what those are – is essential for the development of robust designs. As well as being a great adventure! For the Dazcat team – owners, builders and sailors – it is building and then sailing the boats which inspires them, and which informs the development of their designs, a philosophy that still holds true today.


Dazcat had moved to Millbrook, Cornwall in 1993, which gave scope for expansion. Since then a range of Dazcat designs have been built for private owners. Interestingly, many of our clients have an engineering background. Tom Bligh was head of Cambridge University's Faculty of Engineering when he and his wife Nigel commissioned a 14m Dazcat, Lady Bounty. They chose to get involved with the project, contributing some great ideas and making some fantastic parts for the boat. Another, Tony Cotton, retired from flying jets for BA. When he commissioned his Dazcat 10m he told us he was a cruising man. All the cruising kit was fitted, and then he got the racing bug, entered the Round Britain Race and won his class! In the lap of luxury!


In 2010 experienced racer Rupert Kidd took his 1195 Sueños across the start line of the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race three weeks after launch. He was one of four Dazcat contestants that year and did very well, with Darren as co-skipper. Also competing was Multimarine director Simon Baker with his 1150 Drama Queen - no one can say that Dazcat don’t put their boats on the line to prove their seaworthiness. Despite some horrendous weather out of Lerwick none of the boats showed any signs of strain and 10RT Paradox won the multihull class with DQ coming 2nd.


If you are looking for your own dream boat and can’t find what you want, why not look at having one designed. It is not as expensive as you might think - unless you go insane with gadgets that will weigh the boat down and spoil performance - and you end up with the boat of your dreams that will stand out from the crowd.


You can contract the build or do it yourself from a kit of mouldings. Over the years we have experimented with most forms of construction and will specify the one that suits your project best. If you need some technical help we can offer that too.


Dazcat Designs include all kinds of different boats for racing, cruising, sail or power. Existing designs can be modified to suit your needs, or we can draw up something specially for you, capable of going where other cats fear to get their feet wet.





Voyager Catamarans - manufacturers of the first ever production Dazcat, the Voyager 10 family cruiser. Click through to see pictures and video and download a pdf brochure






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