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Dazcat D1495: ocean cruiser racer catamaran


Dazcat 1495 Nominated European Yacht of The Year

Developed for 2015, the D1495 cruising catamaran is an exceptional performance catamaran designed for offshore and ocean cruising and racing. A new bridge deck and cockpit layout with cable and wheel steering, and fine tuned specifications making it as light as possible, optimise the boat for its best performance and make this catamaran responsive and great fun to sail.


You have the choice, within the cruising and racing specification packs, to add more equipment to your boat; options range from generators and air conditioning to the choice of carbon or aluminium mast and sail configurations.


We designed the D1495 to be sailed by a family or a group of friends who love the exhilaration of sailing a fast, responsive boat, but also want to go cruising and relax comfortably. The self-tacking jib makes it very easy to control - perfect for single or short-handed sailing. Having a high performance boat allows you to enjoy a larger cruising ground and gives you a greater choice of destinations, whether weekend sailing or cruising long distance. Passage times are reduced, less motoring is required and, even in the light winds of summer, the 1495 will sail fast, maximising your enjoyment on board.


Besides performance, comfort is also a key design principle of all Dazcat designs. The sea is rarely flat and sailing fast can make the ride bumpy, so Dazcat centralise as much equipment weight as possible to reduce the pitching motion big cruising cats can suffer from.


This is achieved by raising the soles in the centre of the boat and fitting the engines, fuel tanks and systems underneath reducing pipe work, wiring keeping all the weight central and low down.


The design of the D1495 has been developed by our experiences of extreme weather conditions competing in events like the Round Britain and Ireland and Fastnet races, which our boats participate in regularly. Ultimately we design cruising boats to enjoy sailing; however we test and promote them by racing to prove their sea worthiness, performance and strength.


Dazcat hulls are different from most of the charter style production catamarans available to buy. We design finer forward hull sections, which prevents the slamming which is common in some cats, our new bow profile keeps the boat dryer in rough conditions and the smooth rocker line makes the boat tack and gybe without effort.


A combination of optional dagger boards and dart shaped keels are optimised to create exceptional upwind performance and highly controllable downwind performance, as the keel shapes are designed to reduce the yaw effect that can be experienced in larger seas sailing downwind.


The systems, engines, fuel tanks and batteries are positioned close to the centre, and low down in, the hulls. This means their mass is sitting in the middle centralising all system weights reduces the see-saw, pitching effect, making your boat much more comfortable and faster to sail.


It also reduces the weight of wiring runs and piping; every small detail is considered.

The effect of lowering the centre of gravity of the boat is analogous to the ride you would experience in a low down mid engine sports car compared to a 4x4.


It is not until you sail a Dazcat that you can see how much difference our design philosophy makes. In a quarter century of design we have proven our cats are some of the fastest and most comfortable offshore sailing boats on the market, offering the best performance to price ratio in a commissioned survey of catamarans.


We have spent a lot of time on-board navigating and cooking under race and cruising conditions which has enabled us to extensively test the layout and design features under sail or at anchor. The galley and navigation station have been located lower down in the hulls, keeping your eye height at the same level as others sitting down in the saloon making the boat more social and safer as you have a good view of everyone while sailing. You also have the added benefit of good views of the horizon; which if you’re the sensitive type is brilliant and proven to help prevent sea sickness.


The engineering zone has dedicated systems lockers, keeping the equipment dry and out of the cabins. This area can either have more storage built in or feature a central sea berth/sofa area. This is great spot for a snooze or to read a book, away from others on board.


Access to the engines and systems is under the raised soles, handy for servicing the engines, and leaves cavernous storage under all the berths for fold up bikes or other bits and pieces that need long term storage. Additional storage can be found under the multifunctional saloon seating. The table seats up to 10 people, or can be lowered to create a generous double for guests, or soft play area for kids.


The chart table features an instrument console and TV that can be used as a chart plotter repeater. This arrangement works exceptionally well, as it can be viewed from both saloon and galley, enabling you to keep an eye on your position as well as the people around you. Or you can slip in a DVD to entertain the kids while you sail the boat, and at the end of the day sit and watch a movie together.


Recessed windows bonded into the coach roof bring plenty of light into the saloon and create an all round view of your surroundings. These are not just surface mounted, so they last longer and will not leak, as they use no fixings but are bonded, using UV resistant Sikaflex 295uv for best strength and durability. Ventilation is supplied by twin large opening hatches forward, combined with a pair of roof light hatches. These create airflow over the interior seating and living space, which can be supplemented by opening the saloon sliding door to the cockpit.


In the hulls, each cabin has opening hatches as well as a Dorade ventilation system. Fans can be fitted in each cabin, and air conditioning is available with a generator package. This can be either an insert or stand alone system. If you’re unsure which would be better for you have a chat with one of our engineers. Overall, the style and finish is clean and stylish with some contemporary design influences that express the Dazcat philosophy of simplicity speed, comfort, and beauty combined.


Out in the cockpit, the dual helm stations are positioned behind the saloon bulkhead, centralising weight and reducing motion, as well as giving you protection from the elements. You can sit on the coaming or stand at the wheel for excellent vision all-round the boat, with the main and jib sheets positioned right in front of you and the traveller and spinnaker sheets close to hand.


This makes it especially easy for single-handed sailing. Dual helm positions also allow you to move away from the slot effect of the jib, bringing the helm into clean air. Maximising your sailing performance and comfort at speeds of 16-20knts, knowing you are in full control, is simply fantastic fun and will make you grin from ear to ear.


Out on the fore deck one can feel the power of this boat, with its striking bows and carbon spinnaker pole projecting forward, and know this is a thoroughbred machine. The simplicity of its engineering and lack of forward beam means the bows can be driven fast through waves without tripping over the beam and causing so much spray that it makes life in the cockpit unbearable.


There are no big, stainless push pits or anchors hanging off the bows, instead it’s all neatly stored away further aft in the main beam; all part of the bigger picture of Dazcat’s design principles.




Each Dazcat 1495 is hand crafted by experienced boat builders who understand the exacting requirements needed to produce a very strong but lightweight structure.


Our design team, combined with extensive knowledge of material processing, is what makes Dazcat's the lightest bridge deck catamarans on the market, with both the strength to race offshore and the comfort needed for a very capable offshore cruiser.


Only the highest quality materials are used, including a protective 65PA gel coat and vinalester and epoxy resin systems with multi-axial and uni-directional engineered aramid and glass fabrics, vacuum sandwiched on a high quality PVC foam core for maximum panel stiffness and strength.


Carbon is used to save weight and reinforce the structure, built using female tooling. Wet deck, bridge deck, canopy and bulkheads are internally finished by hand, avoiding as much double surfacing as possible to reduce the boat’s overall weight and increase its performance.


Hulls can be, vinyl wrapped, or painted with a choice of metallic finishes to make your boat really stand out from the crowd. Interior finishes include gel coat, painted, timber, and lined surfaces which create a very modern contemporary style that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, with a range of colours and finishes to make your boat unique to you.


The Multihull Centre is the licensed Broker for the Dazcat's, and it is built on their site by Multimarine. All boats are built to order and hand crafted for each individual client. It pays to plan ahead and allow up to 12 months as there may be boats in build already. To confirm current availability contact us.


For a quote you will need to choose from specifications and options listed in our brochure; these prices will be held for 30 days. If you would like help with that give us a call to arrange a meeting with one of our team to discuss details.


We are a small Cornish company and have been delivering award-winning boats for many years.

It is a source of great pride to us that everyone who commissions a Dazcat has an enjoyable experience both during construction and later under sail.


Dazcat's and their crews gather regularly during cruising and racing events run by MOCRA and RORC, to have as much fun on the water as possible. These combine with social events and talks in the summer and winter months at the Multihull Centre.


Our plan for 2016 onwards is to create a fleet of Dazcat 1495 catamarans for people who want to enjoy the Caribbean circuit, including doing a few races en route each season. These will include events like the new RORC Transatlantic race and the Caribbean 600, but not forgetting to do some gentle cruising with friends as well.


So if you want to join the growing Dazcat family get in touch and we will go through the option choices and specifications with you to, create your perfect catamaran that is unique as it’s tailored around you needs.


Contact: darren@multimarine.co.uk


Tel: 00447967645205

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